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About Roller Burnishing Tools

Burnishing Tools manufactured by Bright Burnishing Tools, is known for its superior quality. The method of roller burnishing is a cold rolling process without removal of metal. A set of rollers is used to roll on the component surface with adequate pressure. As a result all the pre-machined peaks gets compressed into valleys thus giving a mirror like surface finish.

Advantages of Roller Burnishing Tools

1. Mirror like surface finish
Surface finish ranging from 0.05 Ra – 0.2 Ra can be achieved easily by using Bright Burnishing Tools.
2. Dimensional Consistency / Repeatability
Very close and consistent dimensional tolerance can be achieved in several thousand components by using Bright Burnishing Tools. Assembly problems are totally eliminated since part dimensions are maintained within tolerances.
3. Single Pass Operation
Since roller burnishing is single pass operation very less cycle time is required to complete the job to required surface finish and tolerance. Hence better results are achieved with less cycle time unlike grinding, honing and lapping.
4. Increase in Surface Hardness
Since Roller burnishing operation is cold rolling process, work hardening takes place on the cold worked surface. Roller Burnishing gives a better wear resistance on the rubbing surfaces thereby the increases the part service life.
5. Reduces the Reworks and Rejections
In most of the operations (such as reaming and boring) there is a chance of maintaining the dimensions under size or over size especially in mass production.

Bright Roller Burnishing Tools can eliminate these problems by keeping necessary stock allowances before burnishing. Exact sizes can be achieved after burnishing process thus reducing the rework and rejection that saves cost and time, in addition to maintaining the promised delivery schedules. Also assembly problems are totally eliminated since part dimensions are maintained within tolerances. Hence reworks and rejections can be eliminated to a great extent at the time of assembly.

Results of Roller Burnishing

After Roller Burnishing one will achieve 100% dimensional consistency, mirror like surface finish, work hardening on the burnished surface. In addition to this rework /rejection is eliminated in the production line. Because of this the cost incurred due to rework /rejection is totally eliminated. Also promised delivery time to customer is maintained. Both ferrous and non-ferrous materials can be Roller Burnished in soft stage. Heat Treated components cannot be burnished.

Types of Roller Burnishing

ID burnishing tool for blind bore
ID burnishing tool for thru bore
ID taper burnishing tool
OD taper burnishing tool

ID Tool
Blind Bore

ID Tool
Through Bore

ID Taper Tool

OD Taper Tool

face burnishing tool
od stepped shaft burnishing tool
face groove burnishing tool
OD ball race burnishing tool

Face Burnishing Tool

OD Stepped
Shaft Burnishing Tool

Face Groove
  Burnishing Tool

OD Ball
Race Burnishing Tool

ID Taper thru bore burnishing tool
groove burnishing tool
combined bore & chamfer burnishing tool
single roller H-type burnishing tool

ID Taper Thru Bore Burnishing Tool

Groove Burnishing Tool

Combined Bore
& Chamfer Burnishing Tool

Single roller
H-type Burnishing Tool

single roller OD burnishing tool
ID stepped bore burnishing tool
combined OD & ID burnishing tool
Combined ID & Face burnishing tool

Single roller
OD Burnishing Tool

ID Stepped
Bore Burnishing Tool

Combined OD
& ID Burnishing Tool

Combined ID
& Face Burnishing Tool

Combined Bore & Chamfer burnishing tool
convex profile burnishing tool
concave profile burnishing tool

Combined Bore and Chamfer Burnishing Tool

Convex Profile Burnishing Tool

Concave Profile Burnishing Tool


Burnishing Tools other than shown are also available upon request.

Application of Roller Burnishing Tools

Bright burnishing tools are being used in sectors like Automobile, Aircraft, Defence, Spacecraft, Railways, Textile, Machine Tool, Motors and Pump Industry, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Farm Equipment, Home Appliances etc., and areas where close tolerance and superior surface finish is required.

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