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About Us

Bright Burnishing Tools - World Class Manufacturer and Exporter of roller burnishing tools

Bright Burnishing Tools Private Limited (BBTPL) was incorporated in the year 1994 with an intent to carve a niche in the new arena of “Burnishing Tools” and has with sustained efforts, achieved it over the period through the intensive concept selling and aggressive sales promotional measures.

Promoter :

The Bright Burnishing Tools was founded by Mr Devraj C., a technocrat engineer who has specialized in “Tools & Dies” and worked in higher echelon of the management in a premier corporate entity in Coimbatore, India. He has over 25 years of experience in tooling line. He had a stint of few years in Switzerland, prior to formation of BBTPL, on “Deputation” for advanced training and has proven his mettle in implementing the imparted training successfully.
Besides being a specialist in “Tools and Dies”, he also designed and manufactured wide range of Multi-specialty Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Cutting Tools and Specialized Burnishing Tools and Machines.

Infrastructure & Team:

The organizational structure is basically trifurcated which constitutes Production, Quality Management System, General Management and Marketing. We have specialized machines in-house for multifarious operations and are well manned by the qualified engineers, supervisors and quality controllers. We also have an independent department, which handles quality, inspection and testing of the tools and machines. The burnishing tools, being of tailor-made, are manufactured with utmost diligence and are ensured of trouble-free while in operation.
Besides the full fledged burnishing tools manufacturing setup, our company also focuses with the keen intent to upgrade ourselves to the changing functional and market requirements and has a R&D department comprising of professionals drawn from various entities and institutions both on resident and consultancy basis. Our department has proved with our product applicability to various industries since the inception of the company.

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